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General Insurance

We provides general insurance products individuals, associations and businesses of all sizes. Every stage of life, you are open to immense risk and immense opportunity.

Home Insurance

Your dream home is finally yours. We understand that you need the assurance that should anything happen to you while you are servicing your home loan, your family would not be left homeless. Home Protector is designed to protect your home right from the start.

Vehicles Insurance

One out of every three cars is damaged in an accident. Fortunately the law in India makes it compulsory for you to insure your motor vehicle. While insuring against third party liability is important, it also makes good sense to buy a comprehensive cover to give you all round protection.

This is critical because: To you, your car is almost another member of your family, and has the highest emotional value of all your investments. Any damage means both financial loss as well as loss of mobility. The compulsory nature of the law protects you against third party liability as well. So, insuring your car is not only an obligation, it is also good financial planning.

Medical Insurance

To keep your family always healthy is every one’s dream. But there is a lot of uncertainty about health that makes one worried.